Mission & Vision

I have a simple, but Inspiring mission: to Inspire and Empower people to achieve full health and freedom from dis-Ease. I do this through in-depth knowledge, application of  the principles, remedy use and education.


"Getting well" is a hot topic these days, and in my perspective many have been misguided by popular media and its worries of Obamacare and the state of conventional medicine.  As I see it, the answer lies outside of the box.

Versatility ...

The key to success in my practice.

I have a world of knowledge and many years of experience and expertise in four modalties dealing with health and well-being, and I am at my best when I can pick and choose between all of  the "tools" that I have identifying what will work best.  Each being is an individual, and each situation is unique, requiring a unique prescription to regain a state of health.


Whether it's Human Design, Homeopathy, the I Ching, Bach Flower Remedies, or a combination of two or more of these modalities, you can be assured that each prescription for healing is one of a kind, and tailored to work most effectively and efficiently.

Lisa Newlin, PDHom

Who benefits from using Human Design, Homeopathy, the I Ching, and Bach Flower Remedies?




sustainable Building

 Earthships: the answer to the world's housing woes.


An answer to the world's housing woes.